(De-) Installation


Installation / Deinstallation

Please note that zstyle and zstyle-liquid do not depend on a libopie installation anymore !

   The style-loader ipk (zstyle_1.*_arm.ipk) has to be installed to RAM.

   Styles and themes can be installed anywhere, but (a) it slows things down a lot, if they are not installed to RAM and (b) the qipkg tool on some Zauri is not able to create the necessary links (this is not a zstyle limitation).

   All other style and theme packages should also be installed to RAM.

   After the installation you have to Reboot the Zaurus (or at least Terminate Qtopia) -- a simple restart won't activate zstyle.

   If you want to uninstall the style-loader with a GUI package manager, you will eventually have to uninstall it twice, because Qtopia crashes the first time (this is harmless but unavoidable on the Zaurus).

   If you install or uninstall a style ipk (themes are not affected), it is recommended that you reboot the Zaurus (this is due to a missing "ldconfig" tool on the Zaurus, which can lead to crashes or weird behaviour of Qtopia).

   Do not uninstall the currently active style or theme - deactivte is first.

   If you quit the ZStyle-settings with "OK", you are asked if you want to restart Qtopia. This is normally not needed (unless you changed something in the launcher page) and you can safely say "No" here.

   Suitable launcher background images can be found at Opie-Look. (Please note that the Sharp ROM can not load JPEG images)

   Only for 3.10 ROM users: If you want to switch back to SL-, ZBlue-, ZIvory- or ZPurple-Style, then just use the standard Appearance settings (Sharp didn't publish any source code for these classes).

   Only for 3.10 ROM users: The startup image will be reset to the default Sharp image when you install the zstyle package, since the startup script /opt/QtPalmtop/qpe.sh needs to be replaced. The install script will backup your old file to qpe.sh.orig.

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