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NEW: ZStyle is released under the GPL on 01/01/2004. You can now download ZStyle, ZStyle-Liquid and ZStyle-Themes and the complete source code directly from this site.

zstyle What is it ?

ZStyle is an extension for the orginial Sharp Zarus ROM that allows you to modify the appearance of the Qtopia UI. The current features are:

   Custom styles can be loaded via plugins

   The default font can be changed to any Qt/E supported font

   Color-schemes can be created and edited

   The launcher background can be customized

   Applications can be forced to use the selected style/font (global)

   Since some applications have problems with custom styles or fonts, ZStyle includes a user configureable list of applications, that should not get a custom style or font

Which Hardware platforms are supported ?

ZStyle currently supports these platforms (version 1.4):


   SL-5500 and SL-5500G


   (C-700 and C-750 will probably be supported in the next release)

Which ROM versions are supported ?

ZStyle currently supports these ROMs (version 1.4):

   Sharp ROM 2.3x and the 2.3xG (german) versions

   Sharp ROM 3.10

   Crow ROM variant of the 2.3x ROMs

Please note that these are the offically supported ROM versions. ZStyle will probably work on any ROM that uses the standard /opt/QtPalmtop/qpe.sh startup-script.

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